Review Quotes For Courses Taught at NUS

Review Quotes for DSA3102 Essential Data Analytics Tools: Convex Optimisation (Fall 2023)

If/ when I graduate from NUS, there will be 1 professor that I will remember very well and that is Professor Vincent Tan Yan Fu. I do not know this professor personally, but his teaching is unprecedented and motivational. Every lecture provides the students with an underlying wave of motivation to work on this module. Every second of this module is filled with an emanating passion by this professor to educate the students with the highest quality and energy. This professor is so good, that I would take any module he teaches in the future just because it is so well planned and executed. His is thoughtful and considerate, allowing students to access his lectures in the best way possible, providing us with supplementary notes to enhance our learning and takeaways from his lectures. I never thought that an educator as passionate, intelligent and eloquent would exist. I am serious. Professor Vincent has really set the highest standard as an educator and I feel extremely fortunate to be taught by him. I have not encountered a professor so eager to share and is able to convey complex knowledge as well as this professor, always sticking his neck out to help students in the best and efficient way. I really am eternally grateful for the experience brought about by this professor. I am certain that he easily deserves every accolade, recognition and award he has received. I wish this professor the very best in life. Truly the best professor more than worthy of the teaching awards.

Prof Vincent is very detailed in his explanations and responds promptly to questions, giving detailed responses and ensure that students understand the materials. Even though this is his first time teaching this module for data science students, I felt that he was very well–prepared and was able to adjust to our needs. He is very passionate about the topic as well, which makes it more enjoyable for me. I feel that he has also been very responsive and patient when answering questions, which helps a lot in my understanding of the topic which was quite abstract at the beginning.

honestly one of the best lecturers i’ve came across as a y4. although the content is difficult which i don’t blame him, he's still able to explain challenging concepts in the most concise and clear manner.this is really commendable as it’s quite rare to find a prof that does this so consistently. also very understanding to his students and tweaked the syllabus bc we found it tough

This content of this lecture is more difficult than previous semester, however, Prof Vincent can explain the difficult concepts clearly and the teaching under him improve my thinking ability a lot and make me find my potential to solve some more difficult math problems.

Prof Vincent is a dedicated and passionate lecturer. He often goes the additional mile and offers avenues where students can find help. I have really benefited from his lessons and have improved my mathematical skills under him.

Able to explain things very precisely, giving good real–life examples of the material in class, and caring about students' learning.

Prof Vincent is extremely dedicated in teaching this module. Despite it being his first time teaching a Data Science cohort, he goes out of his way to ensure that his students understand the concept taught. He is always very responsive to our questions :)

really smart but yet humble in ensuring we understand the steps

he is a very approachable teacher

Makes complicated concepts simple with examples and graph/images whenever possible. Clearly emphasise on important concepts and constantly draw links between theory and practical application

Review Quotes for EE2211 Introduction to Machine Learning (Spring 2023)

He is a great instructor and delivers his content clearly. But what stands out most to me is his dedication to teaching as his treatment of his students exemplifies. When I asked him questions via email he would ask follow up questions to check if I really understood his replies. I've never come across any other lecturer/prof who would do this and I think this demonstrates clearly his care for students' understanding and hence excellence as an educator.

He explains concepts in great detail and clarity. Very responsive to questions asked and helps to give AWESOME demos for us to understand better.

Professor Vincent Tan being a clear and understanding professor, assists in students understanding in the many theory concepts under Linear Algebra in EE2211.

lectures were engaging Prof went out of his way to answer every single question in the telegram chat

He is a very good lecturer that puts in a lot of effort in the module. I really appreciate him replying to questions and feedback on the Telegram group quickly especially even when he was overseas. His lecture is very well done with him going through the content clearly with his drawings. He is probably one of the best lecturer I had in EE.

Prof. Vincent has a very deep understanding of all aspects of machine learning and is able to provide easy–to–understand explanation to all his content. He is always willing to answer any questions and is very patient.

He always put in the extra effort to pen down class notes while going through the topics content and uploading timely afterwards. This ensure that we have a more comprehensive resource when revising our concepts.

He explains the theories very methodically and patiently. He also answers students' doubts promptly on zoom

He is very focus when it comes to teaching or guiding the students. He will make sure the students understand the theory during qna. Very impressive skills where he can write and teach at the same time.

Prof Vincent goes above and beyond to assist students, be it in school, online or via Telegram. He is always friendly, and approachable even if he is relaxing in his free time or all the way across the globe in the U.S.

Very clear explanations, no hesitations in clearing up students' doubts, uses multiple means to explain difficult concepts, and takes students' feedback into account quickly and implements changes immediately for more effective lessons.

Was easily approachable on the class' telegram chat, and answered questions very elaborately. Also made good use of the fact that lectures were done through Zoom by annotating lecture slides to explain better.

Very strong in mathematics, he gives students confidence in what they're learning by showing us that all these concepts are well studied and proven through maths. His ability to condense all his knowledge into simple statements is also extremely valuable to students.

He is very passionate and knowledgeable about the module. He often links what we learn to what is actually used in the real world which helps us to know why we are learning this module. He is also very passionate and it shows from his teaching – from his mannerisms to the extra python demos he does to help us visualize what he is trying to say. He is also very willing to answer questions and help us when we need it.

Extremely well versed in the mathematics behind machine learning. While it may seem complicated to some, introducing concepts in the language of maths is also very useful for students to understand that these are well defined concepts that has been thoroughly reviewed and proven.

One of the best lecturers for EE and other modules~!

He is the best math teacher I've ever encountered.

Friend, engaging and very clear in his teachings and notes. Shows dedication towards his students as well.

Professor Vincent Tan being a clear and understanding professor, assists in students understanding in the many theory concepts under Linear Algebra in EE2211.

Prof. Tan is able to break down difficult math concepts in a clear, understandable, and organized manner.

He explains it clearly and I like that he writes the notes as he goes along (as i am a visual learner). He also points out important things to note of which makes me pay more attention to certain parts of the topic to ensure better understanding on key points.

Although the theories taught were very complicated, Prof Vincent gave very easy to understand explanations and made it easy to understand these theories. He was also very receptive to questions from students.

Review Quotes for TG1401 Engineering Mathematics (Fall 2022)

Even though for tutorial lessons we only met a couple of times professor was even willingly to help us make a summary of first–order differential equations which were meant to help us better understand and tackle the questions more easily as some of us were struggling. He is an approachable professor constantly reminding us to look for him if we have any queries/needed help.

The teacher went above and beyond what was required during the tutorial sessions, be even teaching us new methods, providing us notes to approach different types or questions and being open to clarify and doubts with him. He also opened up the class for the students to even remotely join and learn for the tutorial sessions.

Prof Vincent goes the extra mile to enable us to understand concepts and he does not mind at all. He is a very patient educator and really has many ways and tools to allow us to learn at an easier and comfortable way.

The prof was able to clarify many of the complex theories by breaking down into easier methods. Not only that, he also managed to provide us with notes and break down of methods to use when we asked how to approach the questions. He would constantly bring in additional questions that are easier for us to approach and also harder questions to expand out knowledge and provide us methods that we can approach question in different ways that would help us in solvng the questions.

His interest and passion for mathematics allow him to be really understanding for his students when they raise questions.

He is very clear and fast in his explanation. Easy to understand.

Review Quotes for EE2012A Analytical Methods in ECE (Spring 2022)

One of the best prof that i have stumbled upon. Cares for his students deeply and provides office hours to ensure we understood the concept well. Goes the extra mile to explain and provide ample revision materials and notes, which helps us greatly in our learning. The module is dry, however with prof vincent teachings, captivates me more to learn about the module, and make it as interesting as possible.

I can tell that Vincent always invests a lot of time in his teaching. He is always well–prepared for classes, able to quickly locate students' weaknesses from our responses, and try to help everyone including those who are left behind in the subject. He does not only deliver the knowledge but also tries his best to help students build confidence in the learning process. This is an amazing quality as a teacher that deserves the recognition.

Prof Vincent is excellent when it comes to guiding a student when he is not sure of anything and he will check with the student whether is everything doing okay and ask for feedback on his teaching so that he can help make the module more enjoyable.

I think his teaching style is very good, and he will often share some additional knowledge and employment opportunities with us.

Prof Vincent sets a lot of time for us, having created a telegram group for us to discuss and consult him on problems we are stuck on. He always delivers clear explanations, latest at the end of the day the question was asked. The response rate is pretty much 100% and is quick as well.

Teacher went above and beyond his duty by providing office hours consultation to help clarify complex concepts.

He arranged consultation on a sunday night just so that we students can be better prepared for an upcoming quiz. He was really tired but still did it nonetheless.

Prof Vincent is a really good professor that helps me alot in my work. When we have our doubts, he would try to explain this particular question in another view for us to understand better. Secondly, he also take his time off to organise consultations and even if we fail to attend, he would always record and post the videos online. There is also a telegram group where we can clarify our doubts. Even though this subject is very abstract and dry, but prof really tries very hard to hype up the class and is flexible.

Review Quotes for EE5137 Stochastic Processes (Spring 2022)

– Gives a very clear and in–depth explanation of the module contents
– Very responsive to students' questions and is appreciative of them
– Gives words of encouragement after quizzes – this has helped me to not give up trying to score in the module :)
– Tells students about interesting papers/topics

He is responsive, we have a wechat group that he always answer the question very quick.

Please continue teaching this module for a long long time for the betterment of society by passing your knowledge down to students through this module.

Prof Vincent teaches in a very clear and concise manner, while explaining various concepts with strong substantiation. It is evident that he places strong emphasis on preparing well for the lesson so that a good amount of content can be covered in each lesson. Especially for EE students who may not have as much mathematical background, EE5137 has been taught in a manner which helps to expand upon such abilities. Prof Vincent is extremely responsive and helpful when it comes to providing additional resources and assistance via both email and office hours. Overall, his module has been enriching and definitely covered the various aspects of stochastic processes in a manner which has been built–up over the semester.

Prof Vincent is amazing at explaining and answering queries, he is truly a master of this content. He answers so many queries and is available for multiple consultations whether it is via email or outside lesson hours. It is amazing how he is committed to really helping students way beyond what is required.

He is the best teacher I ever met. Prof. Vincent cares alot about the teaching and students. His lecture is like a performance, I enjoyed alot. He sparked my interest in statistics and changed my further study direction. I feel very lucky that I took this course.

The lecturer is one of the best professors I have met who explains difficult contents clearly in great details. He is also very active in providing additional notes and clarifications even after the lecture. He is very responsible to all his students.

Prof is very responsible for teaching and always solving doubts timely and patiently.I think the course is one of the best course I have taken in this semester. Although it is difficult, Prof provides a lot of helpful support. The knowledge is well explained during lectures and I learned a lot from the difficult but enjoyable course under prof's help.

Professor Tan is very good at communicating with us, always happy to reply to any questions. His lectures are well prepared and structured. He's also very dedicated to solving our off–class questions, very responsive. He's one of my favorite professors in NUS.

Review Quotes for MA4270 Data Modeling and Computation (Fall 2021)

I have learnt a lot more from him than many other ML modules combined.

Vincent deserves the honor of "best teacher" at NUS. He is really passionate and knowledgeable in the Machine Learning area. Taking his module really opens my eyes. Although the speed is quite fast and I have to spend a lot of time in this course to barely catch his steps, I am willing to devote time to this course from the bottom of my heart, since my passion for Machine Learning has been stimulated.

As a student who has little experience in classical machine learning, I am very grateful that Prof. Tan makes this module understandable for me, This module nurtures my interest and inspires me to explore deeper in this field. Therefore, I would like to nominate Prof. Tan for teaching awards.

Prof Vincent is one of the 2 most enthusiastic, hard–working and hilarious professors I had the privilege to learn from at NUS. His ability to articulate complicated concepts in concise and thought–provoking manners is top–notch. I learnt a lot from him, not just about the topics of MA4270, but generally he really showed us what it meant to do work with passion and great accountability – by the way he prepared lecture notes and complementary readings, prepared questions, engaged us during lectures and being responsive to our questions.

In lecture, he is very passionate in class, which can well arouse the students' emotions and keep the students focused in class. And he will introduce some classic and simple examples to deepen our understanding of the algorithm. What's more, he correlate the theory with practice. What make me a deep impression is how to rank the best players in tennis by EM. Prof he shows us that wow this is how math works exactly step by step, which is so charming. And I really like the office hours.

Coming from an algorithms background (I've taken most of the 5000–level algorithm modules in SoC), algorithms are well–grounded in proofs. Machine learning on the other hand, always seemed like rubbish to me, because people often tune parameters and it works well and they give themselves a pat on the back and there isn't really a good reason why. This module changed my perspective on that, thanks.

Prof Vincent taught the module of MA4270 with great enthusiasm. He was very passionate about his field of study and was definitely a module that was interesting. Personally, I enjoyed the real–world application of the module as it allows us to explore outside the scope of what is being taught in the classroom. The workload for this module is higher than the usual load of a normal module that I have taken in NUS and a suggestion is not have so many components and consolidate them so that students can focus on a part of the module. Having said that, I do enjoy the ideas being discussed during the lectures and the open culture of being able to ask questions. (This is especially so as Prof Vincent makes it a point to stop at certain portion and ask if anyone is in doubt). Furthermore, the quick recap of proofs and ideas helps me consolidate what has been taught and I found it to be extremely helpful. In my opinion, the most enjoyable part of the module was that I was given the opportunity to write a term paper on a dataset that interests me the most! Buses. Having the freedom to do so meant that I had could find real–world application to the theory that has been taught. It was definitely a steep learning process to source, think and present the term paper in a concise and interesting way. But I find it useful not just in school but also as I look to find a job (as it can be a starting point for a conversation during an interview). I will recommend Prof’s Vincent’s module in Data Modelling and Computation as I find it extremely applicable to the outside world and worthwhile to learn under the prof himself. Many thanks for the semester and the interesting ideas being discussed in the classroom!

Review Quotes for EE5137 Stochastic Processes (Spring 2021)

Whether it is preparation for teaching or consultation after class, Professor Vincent is an very excellent teacher. In particular, handwriting notes are very detailed, which touched me the most. I think professor have made very sufficient preparations in teaching. In the course of learning stochastic process, I not only mastered a lot of knowledge points, but also deeply understood the application and derivation of them. I believe that I will never forget the way of thinking that the professor taught me in this life. In a word, I am very glad to nominate him being selected for teaching awards.

Prof Vincent articulates his ideas very clearly, teaches a very engaging class, points out key heuristics principles for approaching questions in stochastic processes, looks out for his students to ensure they can keep up with the material and are not confused. In his lessons, he does not neglect the mathematical technicalities (to ensure complete rigour) while at the same time, keeping the discussion relevant and centred around the practical applications. Prof Vincent is also not afraid to field questions asked by students. I could not have asked for a better teacher.

He is the best teacher I have meet in university so far. Can feel his passion in teaching, he will try his best to make the class interesting. From his class I can feel that he real put a lot of effort in teaching the class.

He comes to class incredibly well–prepared. He is also an extremely sharp and clear thinker. He never fails to impart new insights with each lecture. He is also patient and willing to talk about concepts that are beyond the scope of the course. Overall, an excellent educator!

Review Quotes for EE2211 Introduction to Machine Learning (Spring 2021)

Professor Tan is very dedicated and passionate about what he is teaching. He goes the extra mile to compile a book/guide that helps students to be equipped with more information. He is very willing to clarify any doubts in class and even in consultation sessions. He attends Lectures (Zoom) even though he is not teaching in any of them (the lectures), to understand what the students are learning in the Lecture. I think that this is him going the extra mile to provide quality tutorials for his students as well. He shares tutorial answers to students one day before tutorial so that we can follow the codes and not be lost. I really thank Prof for being very inspirational and motivational. Thank you for encouraging me to push through this new module that is very different from the other mods im learning.

He is very open and willing to assist us in learning the concepts and answers any questions asked by the students in a very timely manner

he's a great teacher who always tries to help us as much as possible by answering all questions, providing notes etc. he also tries to make sure we understand the content.

Vincent was very passionate and able import and simplify complex machine learning concepts into something understandable for the students. Furthermore, he goes above and beyond as an educator.

Review Quotes for EE2211 Introduction to Machine Learning (Fall 2020)

Effectively synthesizes theory with practical applications. Goes the extra mile (or ten) in terms of preparing effective teaching materials and tailoring content to students' needs. Engages with students continuously; encourages collaboration among students and answers queries promptly and thoroughly. I found myself gaining new insights from each tutorial, no matter how tenuous my grasp of the concept being discussed.

He provided his own notes to his classes and also have a website that consolidates all the tutorial notes, lecture notes. He is very enthusiastic in teaching and goes out of the way to help his students, even hosting bonus tutorials for QnA for slow learners. He also tried to pick up Telegram to communicate with his classes 24/7 which is a huge commitment and respect I have for him.

Vincent is an extremely good teacher who is not only very knowledgeable about the subject but also effectively explains the concepts. He is also very approachable. He goes beyond what's required of him by revising the concepts in the lecture, conducting regular consultations as well as being always available via email or telegram. His classes are also fun and engaging. He patiently answers all our questions. He makes us enjoy the subject by linking the concepts with real–world applications. Despite having e–learning this sem, his classes were effective and in fact even better than traditional face–to–face classes as the tutorials are recorded.

Prof Tan is very helpful even outside of lesson timings. He is able to explain concepts very clearly during his tutorials and would not hesitate to render us help when we need them. He would also ask us for feedback regarding his teaching so that he can improve on himself, which I feel is not something that most tutors would do.

Very nice and friendly. goes the extra mile to ensure our learning and understanding of module. Willing to give consultations to students on his own time and very patient with slow learning students. Writes his own notes to ensure that we have additional knowledge in addition to the lecture and willing to share with the whole cohort.

Review Quotes for EE5137 Stochastic Processes (Spring 2020)

He has improved my understanding of topics of interest, and he is a true passionate person who follows his field closely, and updates us on ongoing events in his field. He was willing to answer my questions even when I came from a background of limited probability. Thank you very much, Prof Vincent!

Prof Vincent is a highly capable and dedicated teacher. He has the difficult role of translating the advanced mathematical content of the module into a form that can be understand by a broad diversity of students, and plays the role excellently, while still being able to connect the theory to various applications. His clear and systematic teaching helps us to overcome the difficult content in this module, and increases our interest in the subject.

Vincent's compelling lecture notes and mesmerising teaching style has attracted a lot of students who are truly eager to learn math in the engineering faculty to his class. He's classes are usually highly interactive and engaging: despite the difficult materials, it's very hard to loose attention at his class. Homework problems are very well designed and intellectual entertaining.

Prof Vincent Tan's explanation on complex mathematical concepts is clear and often backed up with proofs that are easy to follow. I appreciate his enthusiasm in teaching and his lectures are very engaging and entertaining. It is rare to see such lecturers who can make a dry content interesting.
In Summary:
–Enthusiastic Prof
–Excellent teaching
–Good use of whiteboard to derive concepts and explain to students
–Dedicated Prof
–Holds consultation hours weekly to teach students
–Easily approachable and friendly

Review Quotes for MA3110 Mathematical Analysis II (Fall 2019)

Dedicated, passionate and very effective teacher.
1. Explains concept very very clearly, he will not skip steps like the lecture notes, and will explain the intuition for each step, and to solve the problems in general.
2. He will also give summaries for solving the problem again after explaining, which is very helpful in consolidating the learning and when you have gaps in understanding for certain steps.
3. Will not make me feel stupid! The way he describes his thought process makes me feel like we potentially get stuck at the same places and he teaches how to get over those.
4. Very easy to follow his lectures, his pace is just right and he goes through everything line by line on the board. (Normally it is difficult for me to follow other lectures because I can't multi task reading then notes/slides and listening at the same time, so I like how everything is in sync)
5. Shares interesting problems outside of lecture notes that gets me more interested in the subject and helps understand the lecture content more.

Good at explaining concepts. Patient and knowledgeable. Answer all sorts of questions, even those that are beyond the syllabus.

Overall, I believe the professor is a very good teacher.
–The professor is well prepared.
–The professor is clear in his delivery.
–The professor is very open to consultations, and even hold office hours every Monday (Although it clashes with my lectures, so could not attend any.)
–Providing many many many many extra practices is very very useful!

– Strong understanding of the materials.
– Puts in effort to prepare for lectures.
– Provides additional notes that are helpful and interesting.
– Able to inject some humour into his lectures.

Yan Fu is an effectively lecturer that is able to deliver the learning objectives. Furthermore, he prepares additional notes that are both interesting and insightful.

Review Quotes for EE5139 Information Theory for Communication Systems (Fall 2019)

Very interesting lectures, efficiently presented. I like the way of teaching by writing on the whiteboard instead of using PowerPoints. He is very engaged in the subject, and it really affects the lectures in a good way. Good to hand out homework, midterms and assignment. It increases the learning, even though it would be too much work if all courses did the same.

Prof Tan is simply one of the best lecturers I've met in NUS. His lectures are delivered with well–arranged course contents interwoven with interesting course–related stories. The module was quite challenging but he made it an enjoyable journey for the students. On top of that, he is always happy to help his students.

He is extremely well versed in the subject and his teaching is very clear and easy to understand. He also cares greatly for students by bringing snacks for us when we are having quizzes.

He can manage to follow and like the lecture materials although the topic itself is tough. He is very dedicated to teaching and also provides usefull help in his office hours. He really spends a lot of time for his students.

Review Quotes for MA6241 Bandit Algorithms (Spring 2019)

This is a very difficult course to teach, and Prof was highly enthusiastic to discuss all the nuances, even outside the class.

He is very passionate with his teaching and he encourages students to think critically about the subject they are learning

He can explain the intuition thoroughly, and find the key point of the content. He is keen on research.

Review Quotes for EE5137 Stochastic Processes (Fall 2018)

It is able to see that the professor has spent a lot of time to prepare every lesson's material. And designed exercise problems carefully to help student to understand what has been taught. Great teaching style, logical and fluent. He is also very enthusiastic about what he is teaching that inspires student to think beyond what is in the notes.

Very passionate about teaching and hardworking. It's good to follow a good textbook which makes learning easier.

He is excellent at teaching. His classes are exciting and clear. I think he is one of the best teachers I have seen.

Vincent is very energetic and teaches in a way that I am able to stay alert during the Friday evening lectures. This is in itself a great feat. Besides this, he has a clear structure, to-the-point explanations that instantly make everything clearer, and if you still don't understand, he can explain it in another way. I'm not exaggerating when I say that his teaching was a highlight of this semester, and I would like to thank him for relaying the subject in such a good way and making me interested in pursuing it further.

Review Quotes for MA4270 Data Modelling and Computation (Spring 2018)

Prof Vincent is an extremely dedicated lecturer who comes well-prepared for every class. He also constantly gathers feedback from students with regards to his teaching and makes improvements to his teaching, such as giving more examples and providing more elaboration when needed. By writing on the board instead of using slides, the pace also slows down so that students can catch the content. The uploaded handwritten notes are also very useful as students can focus on the lecture instead of copying notes during lecture. He is also a friendly and approachable lecturer who encourages students to ask questions and clarify their understanding. Throughout the duration of module, his enthusiasm towards the subject was apparent and has positively influenced our interest towards the subject. Even though some of the 'cool' concepts are not so easy to understand initially, the lecturer manages to simplify them so that students at the undergraduate level can better understand the ideas. The lecturer also encourages students to explore beyond the lecture content, by uploading further readings based upon the foundation taught in lecture. In addition, he is the one of the most dedicated professors I've seen in NUS Math, hence the nomination.

Vincent is an extremely ambitious lecturer, who provides a large set of material to his students, writes outstanding notes at the board in the lecture, provides the relevant material in an understandable way and is able to point out the most relevant points. Furthermore, he is able to connect the content of the lecture to his own research and rises interest.

The is the best math module I have ever taken. The prof is well prepared and he also design computational exercise and term paper assignment to us where we can implement and utilize the theoretical knowledge we have learned

– Providing clear examples when new information is introduced, e.g. the prediction on test scores for a 'good' or 'bad' student.
– Good explanation skills, every theorem and proof can be made understandable.
– Displaying a high interest for his module, making it more interesting for me as well.
– Providing much material, such as tutorials, sample midterms, sample exams etc.

Prof Tan is very well experienced in this area of research, and provided many applications to the concepts that we learn, including research that he has done previously.

Review Quotes for EE5137 Stochastic Processes (Fall 2017)

I am a student who comes from little probability background but he is extremely patient and replies to my emails on questions almost instantaeously. I think his passion for teaching is unparalleled which i strongly think he deserves a teaching award. Never have i seen such a dedicated professor who is so willingly to guide students who might not be so capable in the subject.

Extremely patient and fastest replies to mail i have ever experience throughout my university years

He is very energetic and patient. Every time, he is well prepared. During classes, he can always make the complex concepts easy to understand. After class, every week, he sets office hour for us to answer all kinds of questions.

Most enthusiastic teacher I've seen in a while + really cares that his students understand the subject matter

Review Quotes for MA4270 Data Modelling and Computation (Spring 2017)

He is the best prof is all aspects and there is none other like him that i have met this 4 years, I strongly recommend that he can be awarded for his hard work. Professor Tan definitely deserve this.

This man is a legend. If he doesn't satisfy the criteria to win the teaching award, I don't know what will.

He is one of the most passionate and dedicated teacher that I have encountered in my university's life and he is willing to go the extra mile to clarify student's curiosity be it in class or outside the class

Best teacher I've had since I started studying at NUS.

Review Quotes for EE5139 Information Theory for Communication Systems (Fall 2016)

His helpful and achievable. He is always very kind and is full of responsibility.

He is a very responsible, kind and enthusiastic teacher.

A responsible, enthusiastic and cool teacher!

Review Quotes for MA4270 Data Modelling and Computation (Spring 2016)

Very eloquent and well-prepared for class, he brings to class no only technical knowledge but also the motivations from which the techniques are evolved. He constantly adds in new material as the class progresses and modifies them so the course material is highly relevant and easy to understand. Particularly when he brings in new or old work that he is working on, I think that brings practical perspective to our discourse, enriching the learning experience.

Vincent is a very good lecturer. His lectures are clearly explained with useful examples and is always well prepared for class. He is highly knowledegable on the subject and is passionate about it. I really appreciate the effort spent on the lecture notes and tutorial materials which are very well prepared.

Vincent is clear in his teaching and goes on to explain in detail the process of how one should actually learn. He makes sure that each student actually understands what he is saying instead of just teaching from the book.

Review Quotes for EE5139 Information Theory for Communication Systems (Fall 2015)

He is able to explain complex mathematical ideas clearly and make sure that everyone in the class can follow his pace. I appreciate that he will carefully go through important proofs in the class one more time after finishing the derivation, which I find very helpful. His passion about this subject has made the class more engaging, and inspired me to learn more about this field in general.

I think that his teaching method is very excellent. He always know how to explain difficult stuffs in an easy-to-understand way. I really enjoy his class and have learnt a lot from taking this course. The professor taught us how to think about new problems (not only understanding the formed problems).

The teacher really inspires my enthusiasm for information theory thogh it is very abstract and theoretical. Tan maintains a good interaction with students and he replys our questions very soon. He is a responsible, kind teacher who has a superior teaching method that makes every point to be understandable. Additional, the lecture notes and problem sets are well designed to help students master knowledge.

Review Quotes for EE2012 Analytical Methods in ECE (Spring 2015)

Good in his field, very knowledgeable, explains clearly, patient, sincere

Mr tan is a very active and friendly tutor. His teaching is very clear and himself is a humour person. it is never bored to attend his class. Mr tan has good engagement and communication with the students. he keep asking if we have any question during the class. He is passionate about his course which influence me a lot.

Review Quotes for EE5138 Optimization for Communication Systems (Spring 2015)

Explain the intuition of the theorems and give a very clear proof of the results involved.

He is very responsible. He gives very timely responses to my questions. He is able to illustrate concepts and proofs clearly and inspires students to think. He tries to teach as much content as he could. I really learn a lot in this module.

His energy level, and his effort in reaching out and making sure students are with him throughout the course.

Review Quotes for EE5139 Information Theory for Communication Systems (Fall 2014)

Very passionate about the subject but can break it down very clearly for teaching. Never learned so much in a single class before thanks to him and he really got me interested in this subject again. He has the unique skill of providing a very good intuition about technical and abstract theory. He is highly motivated, always open to any questions and very willing to help during office hours. Probably the most competent and talented teachers I ever had.

He is an extremely knowledgable teacher who is able to conduct the class in a way that explains the difficult concepts in an easy manner. He is able to solve all the student's queries in a manner that can be easily understood. He is extremely competent in his teaching abilities.

Dr Vincent explains and advocates every single lemma and theorem clearly and decently. For the new terminology, the definition is done with several examples to help us understand. Furthermore, consisting on wring on white board is appreciable.

Review Quotes for EE5139 Communication Systems (Fall 2013)

Dr. Vincent has very strong background about the information theory and he is trying to make everything clear for students. He is always enthusiastic in the class and collect timely feedback, such as, do students fully understand. In his office hours, he is very patient and gives students a hand.

The teacher speaks very clearly. He is funny and engaging and explains the concepts very well. He is dedicated to the subject by giving a lot of exercise to ensure students have better understanding on the subject.

Very strict and funny teacher. He always offers the agenda of the lecture and review the last lecture. He is also very kind and engaged to help us. He has office hour for doubts.

Review Quotes for EE2012 Analytical Methods in ECE (Spring 2013)

Performs his tutorials at an excellent pace, possibly one of the most well paced in NUS. Explains concepts extremely clearly and points out all important areas of every question.

He is the best teaching assistant I have encountered in NUS so far. He tried to explain every details about the concept,which is a great thing for a student like me who are interested in this module.

The tutor explains the questions properly in class and tell us how to approach the problem before actually delving into it. He is extremely helpful when it comes to answering doubts.

Review Quotes for EE5139 Communication Systems (Fall 2012)

Very considerate to students. can discuss a lot with students. Give very useful tasks and homeworks.

The teacher is very enthusiastic.

The teacher is strict and his teaching is very good. I have learned a lot in this class.

Review Quotes for EE2012 Analytical Methods in ECE (Fall 2006)

He is a very approachable, responsible and knowledgeable man! He is my savior for this module. Many thanks to him for all the additional questions, examples and of course review sessions!

He is passionate about teaching with vast knowledge in this module. He spends huge amount of time outside the allocated tutorial timing to teach us on concepts we are unsure of and it is not somehting that everyone is willing to do especially when it usually lasts for hours. He also makes the extra effort to come up with extra questions for us to do which helps us to reinforce our understanding of the module. He is also very patient when it comes to explaining key concepts.

Exhibit proficiency in his teaching and very actively involved in interacting with students. Inspires me to learn more about this module.