Review Quotes

Review Quotes for 6.437 Inference and Information (Spring 2010)

"I thought Vincent did a wonderful job! I understand that his research is very closely related to the subject material, and he had clear mastery of the subject. Vincent was also very enthusiastic about the material; you could tell that he enjoyed it. He was also knowledgeable about articles and books to read for additional information. I also appreciated the way he ran office hours: having students vote for the problem set problems to discuss, so that the questions that interested the majority of the students were addressed first is a technique that I will emulate in future teaching. He also was always very well prepared, and, as a busy student, I appreciated this. I also appreciated that he printed up his recitation notes!"

"Vincent is very organized, knowledgeable about the material (he keeps Prof Wornell honest during lecture), and good at answering questions. His office hours were crystal clear and really helped me tackle the pset more effectively. Recitation handouts are also very helpful."

"You were clear and I've appreciated your recitation's handout. Just try to relax a little bit when you're teaching."

"Vincent is quite rigorous and fast-paced during recitation and in this way his style is most similar to lectures. While his presentation is confident and clear, he can also consider going more slowly and shedding more intuition during recitation. Nevertheless, he lectures well and provides excellent notes."

"Superb knowledge of the material. Great blackboard technique. Sometimes he was going too fast as if he was giving a lecture"

Review Quotes for 6.241 Dynamical Systems and Control (Fall 2008)

"Vincent is an extremely devoted TA, and he is always prepared."

"Knowledgeable. Great TA. Explains very well"

"Great work Vincent. You were extremely well organized. Think about becoming a professor. Early in the term you gave a little too much away on the problem sets, but you corrected for this quickly. Also, you had a verbal tic of saying "trivial" too often, but you also stopped that."

"Seemed a little nervous at the start of the semester, but that went away very quickly. Perfect explanations, always willing to go out of his way to help students. Very interested in teaching at a deeper level; i.e. Vincent expected that students not just know the material, but really understood it well: emphasized what was important, etc. I strongly recommend Vincent for any TA awards there are: he is extremely knowledgeable, willing to help students, and is very clear."

"I found Vincent's office hours indispensable for completing the problem sets. I also liked having handouts for recitations."

Review Quotes for 6.097 Review of Signals and Systems (IAP 2008 - 2010)

"This guy was awesome. I loved his style, both in clothing and blackboard clarity."

"Extensive use of worked examples good"

"Good, clear style of teaching...sometimes got carried away with complicated/unnecessary things related to the subject which could be a little confusing, but I definitely understood the topics better after he went over them. Also, had a very strange definition of "easy."

"Responds to email within minutes, great enthusiasm, proved relationships"